All Govt Vehicles Older Than 15 Years to be Scrapped, Deregistered

NEW DELHI: According to a notification by the Road Transport and Highways Ministry, all government-owned vehicles both state and center including buses owned by transport corporations and public sector undertakings, that are older than 15 years will be de-registered and scrapped.

“Disposal of such vehicles shall, after the expiry of the fifteen years from the date of the initial registration of the vehicle, (should) be ensured through the Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility set up in accordance with the Motor Vehicles (Registration and Functions of Vehicle Scrapping Facility) Rules, 2021,” the notification said.

The new policy effective from April 1st provides fitness tests after 20 years for personal vehicles, and 15 years for commercial vehicles. The policy was announced in the Union Budget 2021-22.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the National Vehicle Scrappage Policy in 2021 and said it will help phase out unfit and polluting vehicles and also promote a circular economy.

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