Amazon, Big basket gets clearance for online delivery of alcohol & spirits in India

INDIA: The lockdown due to the pandemic has created big trouble as the revenue earned by selling of alcohol halted. The story of alcohol consumption in the times of the novel Coronavirus is still in the league. 

Some states have allowed the purchase of alcohol from the stores. But, standing in the long queue has made the affair riskier. The social distance has been violated in many states across the nations. 

However, Amazon India has secured a clear nod to deliver alcohol in West Bengal. A green signal has been provided to e-commerce for home delivery of the alcohol. The West Bengal Beverages Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the State Government of West Bengal to permit Amazon India for the deliverance of alcohol at homes. 

Added to this clearance, the Big Basket has also received such clearance to sell alcohol in the state online. As per the IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, Amazon would benefit worth the amount of $27.2 billion with the recent clearance. Along with Amazon and BigBasket, some other online delivery applications such as Swiggy and Zomato have started delivering alcohol in some cities that showed high demands in the lockdown phase.

West Bengal has invited companies to accept online orders for alcohol. In the coming scenario, it has been expected that the same permission would be granted across the nation. 

Currently, India has 4,56,183 cases of Coronavirus. The country stands 4th in the list of worst affected nations in the world.

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