Amazon Confirms Layoffs; Around 10,000 Impacted

Amazon which has joined the league with Twitter, and Meta fired around 10,000 employees globally this week. The job cuts are announced by the giant e-commerce platforms majorly in the devices and HR group. The Lay-off process started on Wednesday, however, there is no official information issued by the tech firm on the scale of the first round of layoffs.

The layoffs were announced in a company blog post by Amazon executive Dave Limp- Senior Vice President of Devices and Services. In his post, he mentioned that the e-commerce tech giant has been considering ways to steer through the “unusual and uncertain macroeconomic environment”. The executive said that ” the firm will continue to work closely with each individual to provide support including assisting in finding new roles”.

On Tuesday, as per reports, the company notified regional authorities in California that it would lay off about 260 workers at various facilities that employ data scientists, software engineers, and other corporate workers. Those job cuts would be effective beginning on January 17. The firm cited the unfavorable economic conditions as the reason for restructuring and consolidating some teams and programs.

Apart from Amazon, Meta also announced layoffs last week. FB last week slashed 11,000 people last week- which accounts for 13 percent of its staff.

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