Amazon Denies Layoff Charges in Labour Ministry Summon

New Delhi: Following the path of the ‘Mass Layoff’ bandwagon going on around the globe lately, e-comm giant Amazon had recently announced to lay off 10,000 of its employees worldwide. In India, when some employees received mail related to this, they reached the Labor Ministry. Following which, the Indian leg of the e-comm company was summoned by the ministry for a hearing on the case. But Amazon officials denied any such charges and said that they have not fired the employees but some of them have left the company under the ‘Voluntary Separation Program’. 

According to the ‘Voluntary Separation Program’ announced by Amazon, employees have been asked to resign in exchange for a certain monetary benefit. The company has created this program for its 10,000 employees worldwide. E-mails have been sent to the employees regarding this from Amazon. When some employees in India received this e-mail, they reached the Labor Ministry with their complaints.

It was reported that the officials of Amazon arrived on the summons of the Ministry of Labor, but the representatives of Indian Employees did not reach there. Still, the Labor ministry officials asked to move ahead with this meeting. The employees are represented by NITES Employees Association, which could not attend the meeting. Some reports claim that now the ministry can call for another meeting in this regard in two to three weeks. There is no official response from Amazon in this regard at the moment.

Not only Amazon, but many other tech companies have also made plans to reduce their workforce on a large scale. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and Google among others. Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos has even warned of a recession in the coming times, so his decision to fire people is being linked to this.

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