Amazon Likely to Layoff 20,000 Staff in Upcoming Months: Reports

Story Highlights
  • Amazon to begin layoffs in the upcoming months.
  • Over 20,000 employees across all verticals under the scanner.
  • A 24-hour notice will be issued to those on the list to be sacked.

As per the latest reports, giant e-commerce platform Amazon plans to lay off as many as 20,000 employees across the company in the coming months, including distribution center workers, technology staff, and corporate executives—about twice as many as previously reported.

Company managers over the last few days, however, have been told that they should try to identify work performance problems among employees, as part of an effort to lay off about 20,000 people, sources said interacting with the reporters.

The report hinted at the departure of distribution workers, corporate executives, and technology staff out of the 1.6 million employed globally. The layoff will impact employees at all levels said a source familiar with the plans. It added that the employees on the list will receive a 24-hour notice and severance as per their contracts.

The company in October forecasted a slowed-down sales growth for this year’s holiday season, which usually records the highest sales. Amazon has been grappling with a drastic slowdown in e-commerce growth after shoppers returned to pre-pandemic habits. It deferred warehouse openings and froze hiring in the retail group.

Amazon joined the bandwagon that is headed by Twitter. Meta’s FB, Monitor and Printer manufacturers HP also announced layoffs upcoming citing crises due to overhiring during the pandemic.

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