Ambulance Driver on Way to Hospital Halts To Have a Drink, Serves Peg To Patient

ORISSA: An exemplary example of the urge to drink alcohol was witnessed in Orissa, as an ambulance driver halts the vehicle to drink a peg of what looks like an alcoholic drink in the video that has gone viral.

The incident is reported from Jagatsinghpur town near the coast, Tirtol area, Orissa. in the video that was shared on the social platforms on Monday, the driver was seen gulping his peg down at one go, the patient, with one leg plastered, sipped his drink while lying down on the stretcher.

On being questioned by the onlookers, he claimed that the patient himself asked for a drink. The patient in the ambulance was accompanied by a child and a woman.

There has been no official complaint filed against the driver. However, drinking and driving is a punishable offense.

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