Americans Head Polling Stations for Mid Term Elections

WASHINGTON: Americans are heading to poll booths across the country Tuesday to elect federal and state leaders in the mid-term elections.

The party in power typically sheds an average of two dozen or so seats in the midterms, which fall midway through a president’s four years in office.

Whats at stake?

The control of both chambers of Congress fray, with all 435 House seats and 35 of the 100 Senate seats up for grabs. Dozens of governorships, secretaries of states and attorneys general are also on the ballot.

The economy, and especially inflation, looms large for voters — with divisions also running deep on issues such as abortion rights, crime, immigration, gun control and climate change

US midterm elections traditionally deliver sitting presidents and congressional majorities a bloody nose. Despite some noticeable legislative achievements, Biden’s approval ratings are particularly low. While Biden is not up for re-election, the mid term are often seen as a referendum on a president’s leadership.

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