Amitabh Bachhan Injured While Shooting

MUMBAI: Bollywood’s Big B suffered a muscle tear to his right rib cage while shooting Project K in Hyderabad.

In a post on Tumbler he revealed his rib cartilage “popped” on set while he filmed an action shot, injuring him. He received medical care in Hyderabad and is now recovering at Jalsa, his home in Mumbai. He is “mobile a bit for essential activities” but otherwise resting, Amitabh Bachchan revealed.

“Yes, painful,” he wrote in his blog on Tumbler, “On movement and breathing, will take some weeks they say before some normalisation will occur.” He ended the post, shared on Sunday, with a plea to fans not to gather at Jalsa as usual – a Sunday meet and greet with fans outside his home has been Big B’s Sunday ritual for decades.

So all work that was to be done has been suspended and canceled dropped postponed for the moment until healing occurs,” Amitabh Bachchan continued, “I┬árest at Jalsa and am mobile a bit for all the essential activities, but yes in rest and generally lying around.”

Amitabh Bachchan also underwent a CT scan at the AIG Hospital in Hyderabad before flying back home. Fans of the Bollywood superstar are quite worried about him. They took to social media to pour ‘get well soon’ wishes on him.

A fan even mentioned how the superstar is unstoppable and wrote, “#AmitabhBachchan #Star main jab tk khud josh Hai . He never Ends and never give Up (sic).” Another wrote, “#AmitabhBachchan @SrBachchan get well soon Big B our prayers are with you on your speedy recovery so we can see you more in action (sic).”

Another fan tweeted, “Bollywood legend #AmitabhBachchan got injured with rib and cartilage brake while shooting for #Prabhas #ProjectK movie, wishing legend speedy recovery and it’s the responsibility of the team to safeguard a national treasure like him which tollywood didn’t do (sic).”

Project K co-stars Prabhas, Deepika Padukone and Disha Patani, and is slated to release next year. The Coolie star will play a pivotal role in the Nag Ashwin directorial.

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