Amputee Mountaineer Chitrasen Sahu Climb Everest

Story Highlights
  • Chitrasen Sahu is also a national blade runner and a certified scuba diver.
  • He conquered Everest base camp trek with other 9 participants.
  • The trek included national wheelchair basketball player, one leg dancer and transgender hairstylist among others.

Raipur: Blade runner and double leg amputee mountaineer from Chhattisgarh, Chitrasen Sahu with his new mission- “‘Mission Inclusion’ has conquered Everest base camp trek, Nepal (5364m) with other nine participants to promote adventure and inclusion of amputees in the state. The objective of the ‘Mission Inclusion’ was to empower and bring social acceptance to amputees. It aimed to promote equality and create a barrier-free environment, and increase mobility.

People with different disabilities, gender, age, and community were included in the trek, said Chitrasen. The trek included a national wheelchair basketball player, one leg dancer, visually impaired para-judo player, blade runner, and transgender hairstylist and makeup artist among others. Adding to it, he also said, this is the first time in the world that such a group has set a new record in mountaineering.

Chitrasen Sahu said, “The absence of any part of the body is not a matter of shame, nor does it come in the way of our success. We just need to fight the hesitation inside us and come forward. We are not less than anyone, nor are we different. So why should we make a difference in our behaviour. We should have the right to live an equal life with all of you.

Earlier, Chitrasen had created a national record by conquering Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kojiasco, and Mount Elbrus. Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kosciuszko and Mount Elbrus are the highest mountain peaks in the continent of Africa, Australia, and Europe respectively. He is the first double amputee in the country to achieve this height and his goal is to confer the summit with seven continents. This mountaineer is also a national wheelchair basketball player, national para-swimming, and blade runner. Sahu has set a record for skydiving from 14000 feet and is a certified scuba diver.

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