Amroha Bamankhedi Massacre: Son Requests President To Exonerate His Mother

New Delhi: Shabnam, convicted in the Bamankhedi case in Amroha, north, can be sentenced to death at any time. Amidst the possibility of execution, Shabnam’s son Taj has asked the president to waive his mother’s death penalty.

Shabnam’s son Taj said, “President Uncle, forgive my mother. Don’t hang my mother. I love her so much.”

Journalist Usman Saifee has been entrusted with the responsibility of Shabnam’s only child. Shabnam was pregnant whilst she was convicted. Taj was born in jail.

He was brought out of jail when he was 6 years and handed over to his custodian Usman. Shabnam’s massive property was under Usman’s knowledge to which he advised her to donate it for a good job like school, college, hospital.

On April 15, 2008, Shabnam, with the help of her boyfriend Salim, killed her entire family for being denied acceptance of their relationship. Shabnam was then sentenced to death by the trial court. The Supreme Court also upheld her sentence and now the president has rejected Shabnam’s mercy plea.

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