Ananya Pandey Skips Summon; Cites Professional Commitments

Story Highlights
  • Ananya Pandey fails to arrive for questioning today.
  • Was summoned by the anti- drug agency third time in a week.
  • WhatsApp history of the star kids revealed drug relations between the two.

Mumbai: After been summoned for the third time by the NCB today, Ananya Pande skipped her questioning citing professional commitments.

The 22 year old Pandey was called in by the anti drug bureau for questioning in regards to chats that surfaced during the probe of the drugs on cruise case.

She was first summoned by NCB days ago based on a 2 year old WhatsApp chat between the accused star kid Aryan Khan and Ms Pandey which indicated drug supply. The actor was questioned by investigator Sameer Wankhede, according to whom Ms Pandey supplied and consumed drugs. However the diligent actress denied the allegations and stated has never consumed nor supplied drugs. Ananya was taken in for questioning at two separate occasions last week for a total of six hours.

The contrary Prime investigator Sameer Wankhede has been put into a tough spot by the prime witnesses who claim of him to have been extracting ransome of Rs 8 crore from the case. Started Aryan Khan and other accused arrested on October 3rd from a Cruise bound to Goa suspecting their involvement in drug consumption

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