Another Accused in Sanjay Tripathi Murder Case Nabbed from UP

BILASPUR: Another accused involved in the murder of history-sheeter and Congress leader Sanjay Tripathi who was murdered in broad daylight in Bilaspur.

The accused arrested is identified as Mukhtar Ansari member of the Prasin Gupta was nabbed from the Chandoli district in Mugahlasari, Uttar Pradesh. So far the police have arrested 19 accused in the case. It is worth noting that all accused are out on bail as of now.

On December 19th, 13 persons including the main accused Kapil Tripathi, were arrested. Other arrested included Jai Narayan Tripathi, adopted daughter, Kapil Tripathi’s wife have been arrested in Bilaspur. While from Delhi, they arrested Bharat Tiwari and Ashish Tiwari among others.

“Sanju Tripathi had pressurized his father to transfer property in his name. He had also physically assaulted his father over the matter. He had threatened to kill the accused, Kapil,” Senior Superintendent of Police Parul Mathur said.

“Following that his adopted daughter, Jayanarayan Tripathi and Kapil Tripathi hatched a plan to kill Sanju Tripathi,” Mathur said.

As per repots, Kapil’s friend Prem Shriwas bought two countrymade pistols for Rs 1.50 lakh from a Jharkhand supplier. Investigations revealed Rajendra Thakur, Aman Gupta and three shooters were in a Baleno while others were in a different vehicle, as they followed Sanju Tripathi.

After executing the plan all the accused dispersed in various directions. The main conspirator Kapil Tripathi was about to leave for Nepal when he was arrested, officials said.

“The police formed separate teams to nab them before they all went underground. After the execution, the accused kept changing their location constantly and also stopped using their phones. The police have so far arrested 13 people in the case,” Mathur said.

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