Another Earthquake Hits Turkey; Death Toll Reaches 5,000

ISTANBUL: Another magnitude of magnitude 5.7 struck eastern Turkey on Tuesday as the country grapples with widespread devastation, the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre said. The death toll from the quakes reached 5000.

Meanwhile, the second IAF contingent with self-contained NDRF teams including dog squads, search and rescue equipment, extrication tolls and vehicles to Turkey.

India will send another C-17 Indian Air Force plane to Turkey later this evening with 60 Para Field Hospital and personnel to assist in rescue and relief operations. According to defence officials, the Agra-based Army Field Hospital has despatched an 89-member medical team. The medical team comprises critical care specialist teams including Orthopaedic Surgical Team, General Surgical Specialist Team, and Medical Specialist Teams apart from other medical teams. The teams are equipped with X-ray machines, ventilators, an Oxygen generation plant, Cardiac monitors and associated equipment to establish a 30 bedded medical facility. 

Nations apart from India, the US and Ukraine; New Zealand and Australia also pledged more than $11 million in aid for the devastated nation. South Korea also announced to send rescue workers and medical aid to Turkey. Russia in specific has declared assistance to Syria- its close ally.

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