Another Medical Aspirant Commits Suicide; State Initiates Helpline Number

Tamil Nadu: The fear of failure in NEET seems to shadow Tamil Nadu students significantly. The suicide of another 17-year-old medical aspirant is reported from a Senur town in Vellore District, Tamil Nadu. This suicide comes two days after the MK Stalin govt proposed the Anti-NEET bill in the cabinet for presidential assent.

As per the information given in, the girl was depressed with her performance in the NEET exam that was conducted on Sunday. She feared she would be able to make it through and resorted to suicide. It is reported that the girl was the daughter of a daily wager and had scored 84.9 per cent in Class 12.

Hours after the incident, Expressing anguish and sorrow over the death of the girl, Stalin appealed to the parents to instil confidence among their children and added “let us stop the tragedy of ending one life’s for the sake of life-saving medical education. Let us drive out NEET through legal struggle.” Speaking about the passage of a Bill in the Assembly on September 13, he stressed that the state govt would put in all efforts to exempt the state students from NEET.

This is the third suicide reported by the state over the fear of failure in NEET. To address the students fears, the state govt initiated a 24/7 helpline to support students who require counselling. The students could reach councillors at 104 toll-free numbers. Nearly 330 professionals have been appointed to take forth the campaign.

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