Anti-Mafia Campaign Launched; Three Structures Brought Down

Story Highlights
  • Municipal corporation demolished three illegal encroachments.
  • SDM Anil Banwaria led the operation.
  • An FIR registered against owners of illegal constructions.

Gwalior: Anti-mafia campaign was launched in Gwalior on Wednesday. The team of the Municipal corporation lead by SDM Anil Banwaria demolished three structures build on govt land. Officials have been directed to lodge an FIR against those possessing illegal land.

Under the anti-mafia campaign, the first encroachment was taken down in Virpur Village. According to the information given in by sources, Dharmendra Jain, a resident of Imli Naka had built a residence on the illegally acquired 3200 sq. feet area originally under the govt. The estimated cost of the land is around Rs 1 crore said SDM.

 Another illegal construction was brought down in Kota Lashkar where a garage was set up on 7000 sq. feet of govt land. The garage belonged to Manoj Rathore, a resident of Kota who was currently in prison on charges of murder. His wife, however, made failed attempts to stop the demolition.  This cost of the land is speculated to be Rs 3crore. The third illegal structure was brought down on AB Road.

The demolitions took place in the presence of the Tehsildar Sharada Pathak and other officers. An FIR has been lodged against the two from Imli Naka and Kota Lashkar.

Last September, CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan had launched a similar campaign in Indore and Bhopal. Nearly 40 temporary illegal constructions were removed then.

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