Apple To Manufacture iPhone 14 In India

Apple has announced its plans to make the latest model of iPhone; iPhone 14 in India. This is considered a significant move as company aims to diversify its manufacturing outside India. Beijing’s hardline approach to eradicating the pandemic has led to industrial lockouts and large-scale supply chain disruptions.

Since 2017, Apple has been manufacturing in Tamil Nadu. Shifting 5 percent of iPhone 14 production to India is expected this year. With this, by 2025, a quarter of all iPhones the company makes could be produced in India. The move is significant for India, but it is true that it is underway because of China’s zero-Covid policy.

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled its latest line-up of iPhones. The iPhone has improved cameras, faster processors and long-lasting batteries at same prices as last year’s models. Since 2017, India has become the world’s second largest smartphone market after China. India is expected to unleash an era of competitive federalism among states.

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