Apple’s Latest Launch: AirPods Max Comes with Premium Sound, Costs Rs. 59,000 in India

Technology: Big-brand headphones like Sennheiser, Bose, and Sony are having a huge competition with the launch of Apple AirPods Max, a high-end over-the-ear headphone with an active noise cancellation system. With a price range of Rs. 59,000/-, Apple AirPods Max is going to be on the top list of the costliest headphones available in the market.

The premium headphone would stand apart from the rest of the high-grade headphones like Bose 700 or Sony WH-1000XM4, because of its higher price point and top-end qualities. The pricing seems to be an attempt at creating a new segment by the company, as it did with the iPhones. What remains to be seen is whether the newly launched item triggers an aspirational segment or not, at least among the apple maniacs. 

The facts that are still in Apple’s favor are that the AirPods already launched by the company have been hugely praised for their audio qualities, thus have created a strong and loyal customer base over the past few years. The AirPods Max is here to offer them a viable upgrade.

The premium wireless headphones are up for pre-order in the USA and 25 other countries including India. The shipping of the product will start on December 15. 

The AirPods Max comes in multiple colors – space gray, pink, sky blue, silver, green. They are foldable, features adaptive EQ, spatial and high-fidelity audio, and active noise cancellation. The headphones will come with a smart case designed by Apple.

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