AQI in the National Capital Continues to Fall under ‘Very Poor’ Category

New Delhi: The Ministry of Earth Science’s air quality monitor, System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research, on Monday published a report on Monday, according to which the Air Quality Index in the national capital remains to be falling under the ‘very poor’ category.

The overall AQI in New Delhi stands at 349 on Monday. As per the report, the Delhi people found no relief from air pollution, even after the downpours.

According to SAFAR – “The concentrations of the particulate matter (PM) with a diameter of 10 and 2.5 microns were recorded at 283 (‘poor’ category) and 183 (‘very poor’ category) respectively.”

Amidst all these, SAFAR has predicted the AQI to swing between the ‘moderate’ and ‘poor’ category in the next 48 hours. “For Tuesday, the concentration of PM10 particles is expected to be at 127 while PM2.5 is expected to be at 82, both falling under the ‘moderate’ category”, stated SAFAR.

Notably, an AQI between 0-50 is considered ‘good’, AQI between 51-100 is ‘satisfactory’, between 101-200 falls under the ‘moderate’ category, AQI between 201-300 is called a ‘poor’ AQI, while AQIs between 301-400 and 401-500 are considered as ‘very poor’ and ‘severe’ AQIs respectively.

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