Armed Robbers Target Flipkart Office in Jalandhar

Jalandhar– Armed robbers targeted Flipkart’s office near Sodhal Chowk in Jalandhar, looting approximately Rs 3 lakh in cash and five mobile phones. The incident occurred during the office’s inventory check, with the robbers taking advantage of the situation. According to Sahil, an employee at Flipkart, five robbers had concealed their identities.

Upon receiving the information, ACP Damanpreet Singh and the SHO of Police Station 8 promptly arrived to assess the situation. A robbery case has been registered, causing distress among local entrepreneurs, as the area houses several central industrial units. The police are currently reviewing CCTV footage from the vicinity, and the employees’ statements were recorded late into the night.

The police report reveals that the four robbers brandished revolvers upon their entry, forcing everyone present to step aside. One of the robbers seized the DVR system, while another stood guard outside the office. ACP Damanpreet Singh suspects that the robbers possessed prior knowledge about the office layout, suggesting the involvement of an insider. The incident is being investigated as a potential inside job.

The robbery at Flipkart’s office has raised concerns among the local business community and emphasizes the need for heightened security measures to safeguard commercial establishments. Working tirelessly, the police officers are pursuing every lead to identify and catch those who committed this offence. To ensure that they face legal consequences for their actions.

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