Aryana Sayeed Gives Exclusive Interview After Escaping Afghanistan

Story Highlights
  • Afghan pop artist Aryana escaped Kabul after the Taliban occupied Afghanistan
  • She said women have no future under the Taliban regime
  • The pop star termed the escape as 'difficult and challenging'

Afghan pop star Aryana Sayeed escaped after the Taliban occupied the Afghan province. After her safe escape, she gave an exclusive interview to a leading daily where she expressed concern over a number of issues. She also termed her escape as “difficult and challenging” as there was chaos in the Kabul airport. Aryana blamed Pakistan for supporting the Taliban and termed India as a “true friend” in her interview. Being a women’s rights activist besides a pop star, Aryana also showed concern over the future of women under the Taliban regime.

Speaking about her escaping ordeal, Aryana Sayeed said, “I was in Afghanistan for the past eight months and all of a sudden there was a change, the Taliban came to Kabul and they took over. I was left with no choice but to leave Afghanistan. We left in a very difficult manner, it was very challenging for me. Besides the fact that I am a singer, I am also a very outspoken women’s rights activist. By the time we decided to leave Afghanistan, the Taliban had put up checkpoints across the country. We were very scared”. 

She further added, “Major challenge was the journey from home to the airport, that’s where the problem was, fortunately, we made it to the airport. My fiance and I and 100 other American passport holders were the lucky ones”.

The pop artist also spoke about the future of women in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime. “I am worried for women who will be stuck inside houses and they will not be given their basic rights. While out, they will need to have a male relative accompanying them. They also will not be allowed to go to school. If Afghanistan is left in hands of the Taliban, there’s no future for Afghan women”, she said. 

She then took to blaming Pakistan for their extended support to the Taliban army and said, “I do blame Pakistan. Over the years, we have seen videos, seen evidence that Pakistan is behind empowering the Taliban. Every time our government touches the Taliban they see identification and it would see a Pakistani person, so it’s very obvious that I blame them and hope that they back off and don’t interfere in politics in Afghanistan anymore”. Meanwhile, Taliban supremos have assured that they will protect women’s rights and make Afghanistan a country of glory.

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