Ashok Gehlot Confirms Nomination; Meets Sonia Gandhi

Story Highlights
  • Congress Presidential election nominations on September 26th.
  • Ashok Gehlot to file nomination.
  • Met with interim party chief in New Delhi.

New Delhi: The battle for the Congress president’s post has intensified in the last few days as the process for filing of the nomination papers approaches.

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot met party chief Sonia Gandhi in the national capital amid a strong buzz that he may put his name down for the election.

Gehlot’s visit to Sonia’s residence comes a day after he convened a Congress Legislature Party meeting in Jaipur and told his MLAs that he would continue “taking care” of the state “even if I have to fill out the form”.

After the meeting, a senior Congress leader made a startling statement. Asked about the “one man one post” rule if Mr Gehlot becomes Congress president, Mr Venugopal said, “It will be applicable depending on who contests and wins.” Mr Gehlot has made it clear that he would like to keep both jobs. Though the Congress constitution does not ban it, the party adopted the “one man, one post” rule earlier this year at Rajasthan’s Udaipur, where internal reforms and elections were discussed in a three-day meeting.

Interacting with media reporters at the Delhi airport, he said he will file his nomination if the party people wish so and fulfil any responsibility given to him.

Sonia Gandhi is learnt to have told party leaders that internal elections are good for the organisation, and that she will play a “neutral role” in the process. 22 years after the party is chossing its new head, it seems clear that neither of the Gandhi’ would contest this time. Rahul Gandhi has clearly announced that he will not take the reins of the party and has declared the post to be open for all.

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