Ashok Gehlot Pulls Back from Congress polls, Takes Moral Responsibility for Rajasthan Rebellion

Story Highlights
  • Gehlot decides not to contest for president polls.
  • The announcement was made after he met Sonia Gandhi.
  • Digvijaya Singh and Sashi Tharoor are the front runners of the polls currently.

New Delhi: Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot has announced pulling back from the presidential polls scheduled on October 17th. He added that he has met interim president Sonia Gandhi who would decide on him on continuing as the CM of the state. Speaking to the media after the meeting, Gehlot said, “I met Rahul Gandhi in Kochi and requested him to fight in the polls (for Congress President). When he didn’t accept, I said I will contest but now with that incident (rebellion by MLAs), I have decided not to contest the elections,” adding that he has decided to opt out of the race due to the “atmosphere, with moral responsibility.”

Gehlot further said he has apologised to Sonia Gandhi for the recent developments. “I had a  conversation with Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi. Whatever happened two days ago shocked us. It gave a message that all of it happened as I wanted to be CM. I apologised to her,” he said.

 With the latest development, Digivijaya Singh and Sashi Tharoor are the front runners in the race who will file their nominations tomorrow.

It is worth noting that Ashok Gehlot was seen as the first choice by the Gandhi’s until the rebellion by Rajasthan Congress MLAs loyal to him damaged his chance. As many as 90 MLAs in the Congress resigned on Sunday in a move against his possible removal as the CM and the likely appointment of Sachin Pilot as his replacement.

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