Asian Countries Stockpile Powerful Artillery; Follow Footsteps of US and China

Story Highlights
  • Asian countries join the artillery production race
  • Sophisticated, stark, and dangerous change in the armed forces of the Asian countries speculated by the end of the decade

Asian countries are sliding into a new race. Asian countries that once stayed on the sidelines are now building arsenals of advanced long-range missiles. According to Analysts Asian countries are upgrading their military forces following the footsteps of big powerhouses like China and the United States.

China is mass producing the DF-26, which is a multipurpose weapon with a range of up to 4000 kilometers. With the aim of counterfeiting Beijing in the Pacific, it is also reported that the United States is also a part of the new race. 

David Santoro, the President of the Pacific Forum said, “The missile landscape is changing in Asia, and it’s changing fast”. He further added that “more likely is that missile proliferation will fuel suspicions, trigger arms races, increase tensions, and ultimately cause crises and even wars”.

Sources reveal that other Asian countries are buying and developing their own missiles with the aim of reducing their reliance on the United States. This means that before the decade is out, Asian countries will be bristling with controversial missiles that will rather fly farther and faster. Analysts, diplomats, and some military officials believe that this will bring a more sophisticated, stark, and dangerous change in the armed forces of these Asian countries.

While missiles provide strategic benefits, its long-term implications are uncertain. There is a slim chance that the new weapons will balance tensions and help maintain world peace. As proliferation accelerates, analysts believe that the most worrisome missiles are the ones that can carry either conventional or nuclear warheads. 

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