Asian Youth Boxing Championships: Four Indians Enter Semi-finals

Story Highlights
  • Four Indian boxers qualified for the semifinals.
  • Vanshaj, Jaydeep Rawat, Daksh Singh, Vishvanath scored the highest.
  • Overall, seven Indians took the ring in the quarterfinals on Monday.

Four Indian boxers paved their way to the semi-finals on the fourth day of the Asian Youth boxing championships being held in Dubai. Vishwanath Suresh and three others defeated their opponents in a frivolous attack.

Seven Indians took the ring in the quarterfinals on Monday evening and four of them emerged victoriously. Jaydeep Rawat (71kg) cruised past UAE’s Mohammed Eissa defeating him in the second round.

Amongst others, Vanshaj (63.5kg) defeated Tajikistan’s Makhkamov Dovud at 5-0. Daksh Singh (67kg) emerged victorious against Kyrgyzstan’s Eldar Turdubaev 4-1. Suresh Vishvanath (48kg) was up against Kyrgyzstan’s Amantur Zholbborosv and hailed 5-0.

The gold medallists in the youth category would be awarded prize money of USD 6,000 while silver and bronze medallists will claim USD 3,000 and USD 1,500 respectively. The junior champions will be awarded USD 4,000 for gold and USD 2,000 for silver while bronze medallists would receive 1,000.

India managed to keep up with its pace drawing 20 medals on the day as many countries either skipped or fielded smaller squads due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions. For the first time, the AYBC has organized the males and females Championship together.

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