Asia’s Largest Bio-CNG Plant to be Inaugurated by PM Modi

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  • Asia's biggest Bio-CNG plant has been established at Madhya Pradesh's Indore.
  • PM Modi would inaugurate the plant virtually on February 19th.
  • The plant is projected as a model of "waste-to-wealth".

Indore: Asia’s biggest Bio-CNG plant at Madhya Pradesh’s Indore will be virtually inaugurated by PM Modi on 19th February. The state would run 400 buses from the Bio-CNG produced from the waste at this plant. State CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan would also attend the inauguration virtually as he is under isolation owing to an infection due to coronavirus.

The plant situated in Devguradia village is eight kilometres away from the city. The trenching ground at Devguradia, which was known for mountains of garbage, has turned into a ‘city forest’ now has become a symbol of cleanliness. The Bio-CNG plant has been set up here over a 15-acre trenching ground at an investment of ₹ 150 crores. The municipal body did not have to spend a single rupee but will earn ₹ 2.5 crores per year from the waste it sends to the plant, the Indore Municipal Corporation has claimed.

Indore, home to 35 lakh which has been named India’s cleanest city in the Centre’s Swachh Survekshan, works on a “3R model” of reduce-reuse-recycle. The city sees daily safe disposal of 700 tonnes of liquid waste and 400 tonnes of dry waste.

During the process of creation, the collected organic waste is transported to the trenching ground where it is stored in deep. The crane later picks it up to the pre-treatment area where it is converted into a slurry through milling method. The slurry is then kept inside digesters for 20-25 days after which the resultant Biogas can be used.  A filling station has also been built for ready CNG where city buses of the municipal corporation can get CNG.

Flagged as Asia’s largest Bio-CNG facility, 8,000 kilograms of Bio-CNG daily, which will be used to power IMC’s transport buses.

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