Assembly Election 2021: Twitter Updates Policy, Promises Action Against Fake News

Story Highlights
  • Twitter has updated its policy to protect India from manipulation
  • The goal of Twitter is to limit the spread of potentially harmful content
  • Twitter will take action on the accounts that manipulate the platform

New Delhi: The assembly elections in India are approaching and with that, Twitter has declared that it has implemented significant products and policies to keep the service safe from attempts to manipulate the platform. The Assembly elections of 2021 are a few days away.

The platform has shown its commitment towards “empowering democratic conversations, facilitating meaningful political debate, and driving civic participation during elections”. To keep the provided service safe, Twitter has set up a global cross-functional team.

Twitter stated that its main aim is to limit the spread of potentially harmful content and make it easy to find credible information on its platform. Even Twitter said that it will remove the contents which would manipulate or interfere with the elections, or contains any misleading information. It will also keep an eye on the accounts that misrepresent their affiliation with a political candidate or party.

Twitter said in a statement that after labeling the manipulated media, it will then link it to a Twitter Moment to give people the additional context. The statement read, “Twitter has zero-tolerance for platform manipulation and spam”. It also added, “We will continue to strengthen Twitter against attempted manipulation, including malicious automated accounts and spam. Inauthentic engagement, which includes things like selling/ purchasing Tweet or account metric inflation, is a violation and we will take action on accounts that engage in this behavior, which may include permanent suspension”.

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