At 96.2%, Kerala tops literacy rate chart; Andhra Pradesh worst performer at 66.4%

New Delhi: With 96.2 percent literacy, Kerala has indeed developed as the most proficient state in the nation, while Andhra Pradesh highlighted at the base with a pace of 66.4 percent, demonstrated a report dependent on National Statistical Office (NSO) overview. The report on ‘Family Social Consumption: Education in India as a major aspect of 75th round of National Sample Survey – from July 2017 to June 2018’ accommodates state-wise detail of proficiency rate among the people matured seven years or more. 

As per the investigation, after Kerala, Delhi has the best education rate at 88.7 percent, followed by Uttarakhand’s 87.6 percent, Himachal Pradesh’s 86.6 percent and Assam’s at 85.9 percent. 

Then again, Rajasthan is the second most noticeably awful entertainer with proficiency rate at 69.7 percent, trailed by Bihar at 70.9 percent, Telangana at 72.8 percent, Uttar Pradesh at 73 percent and Madhya Pradesh at 73.7 percent. 

The investigation has pegged the general proficiency rate in the nation at about 77.7 percent. In provincial regions, the proficiency rate is 73.5 percent contrasted with 87.7 percent in urban zones of the nation. 

By any stretch of the imagination India level, the male proficiency rate is higher at 84.7 percent contrasted with 70.3 percent among ladies. 

The overview demonstrated that the male proficiency rate is higher than female education rate among all states. In Kerala, the male education rate is 97.4 percent contrasted with 95.2 percent among females. 

So also, the male proficiency rate in Delhi stood a 93.7 percent higher than 82.4 percent among females. 

Indeed, even in the worst performing states, there was a significant hole in male and female education rate. 

In Andhra Pradesh, male education rate is 73.4 percent, higher than 59.5 percent among females (of the age of long term or above). 

In Rajasthan, the hole was considerably more extensive as male education rate remained at 80.8 percent contrasted with 57.6 percent of females. 

In Bihar, the male education rate was additionally higher at 79.7 percent contrasted with 60.5 percent of females. 

An example of 64,519 rustic family units from 8,097 towns and 49,238 urban families from 6,188 squares was reviewed all-over India. 

The report additionally uncovered that about 4 percent of country family units and 23 percent of urban family units had PCs. 

Among people old enough 15-29 years, about 24 percent in rustic zones and 56 percent in urban zones had the option to work a PC. 

About 35 percent of people old enough 15-29 years detailed utilization of the web during the 30 days before the date of review. The extents were about 25 percent in country territories and 58 percent in urban zones.

India Literacy Rate: State Wise Report


Overall Literacy Rate

(Urban + Rural) (Male & Female)

Andhra Pradesh 66.4
Assam 85.9
Bihar 70.9
Chhattisgarh 77.3
Delhi 88.7
Gujarat 82.4
Haryana 80.4
Himachal Pradesh 86.6
Jammu & Kashmir 77.3
Jharkhand 74.3
Karnataka 77.2
Kerala 96.2
Madhya Pradesh 73.7
Maharashtra 84.8
Odisha 77.3
Punjab 83.7
Rajasthan 69.7
Tamil Nadu 82.9
Telangana 72.8
Uttarakhand 87.6
Uttar Pradesh 73.0
West Bengal 80.5
All India 77.7


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