Atleast 5 Kanwar Devotees Died in Truck Accident

Story Highlights
  • Truck mows down Kanwar Yatrees in Hatharas, UP.
  • 5 died and one sustained injuries.
  • The accident took place at 2:15 am on the intervening nights of Friday and Saturday.

Hatharas, UP: In a major accident devotees of the Kanwar Yatra were mowed down by a truck at the Hathras-Sadabad road,UP.

Atleast 5 died and one sustained injuries and is being treated at the nearby hospital.

Madhya Pradesh CM Shvraj Singh Chauhan extended condleneces to the familes of the deceased on his Twitter Handle.

Agra Zone ADG Rajiv Krishna pressing the reporters informed that the accident took place on the intervening nights of Friday and Saturday at around 2:15am. As per primary reports the Kanwar Yatris who belonged to Gwalior, MP were heading home while the truck mowed them down.

Foresnic teams have been deployed to conduct post mortem of the deaceased while police officials investigate about the driver who is on the run.

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