Authorities Face Shortage of Beds as Cases Spike

Story Highlights
  • China recorded 3,290 on Wednesday.
  • Authorities across majorly affected cities reported shortage of beds.
  • Temporary lock downs imposed on cities reporting higher counts.

Beijing: China on Wednesday moved to accommodate more hospital beds as the nation reeled under the fourth wave of pandemic driven by Stealth Omicron. The National Health Commission on Wednesday reported 3,290 new infections up from 1,337 with 11 out of them being severe.

Most of the new cases were in northeast China- Jilin province, where 2,601 were reported. Smaller outbreaks have broken out around the country, including in the major cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. 

The steep rise in cases, challenging the Zero covid strategy has led to nearly 30 million being locked, driving concerns over looming bed shortages. Authorities across provinces have temporarily shut down the city to find the infected persons. As of March 15th, Mainland China recorded 122,456 cases with confirmed symptoms, including both local and those arriving from abroad. Fortunately, the death toll remained unchanged at 4,636.

China is witnessing its worst-ever crisis due to the pandemic since the beginning of the disease in Wuhan in early 2020.

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