Ayesha Omar Finally Reveals Relationship Status with Shoaib Malik

Hyderabad: There is speculation about the divorce of former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik and India’s star tennis player Sania Mirza. There have been reports of tension between the two for several days. Meanwhile, Pakistani actress Ayesha Umar was said to be the reason for the strain in the relationship between Sania and Shoaib. 

Media reports claimed that there is an alleged affair between Shoaib Malik and Ayesha Omar. People were accusing Ayesha of destroying Shoaib and Sania’s marriage. But, in the midst of all such allegations, now the actress has given clarification from her side.

Initially, she remained silent, but seeing the matter progressing, Ayesha finally responded to this matter and called Shoaib her good friend. Ayesha has presented her clarification on social media when a user asked her in the comment section- “Are you planning to marry Shoaib Malik?” 

On this Ayesha wrote- “Jee nahin. Bilkul nahi. Un kee shadi hoe we hai aur who apnee biwi kay saath bohat khush hai. Main donon @realshoaibmalik aur @saniamirza kee bohat respect kartee hoon. Shoaib aur mein achay dost aur ek doosray kay kherkhwa hai. Bohat respect kartay hain. Aisay rishtay bhee hotay hain Duniya mein logon kay. (He is happily married and I respect the couple. I and Shoaib are good friends and well-wishers, these types of relationships also exist in the world.)”

Reportedly, Sania had shared a post on her social media account, after which the news of the divorce of both started coming to the fore. For a long time, Sania Mirza either shares some serious captions and quotes on Instagram or put her photo with her son. 

After seeing these pictures, some fans are saying that even though the tennis star has not yet announced the end of the relationship, her marriage is broken. However, till now neither Sania nor Shoaib has given any information about their relationship. Neither of them has confirmed the divorce, but neither of them has denied the news either.

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