Ayurvedic Techniques Rejuvenates Pond In Kharora

Story Highlights
  • Ayurvedic methods paved the way for rejuvenation and purification of two major ponds Gadhiya and Tala.
  • The stinking dirty water with intensive Ayurvedic process turned sludge-free and sterilized.
  • The initiative was taken by Raipur administration and an NGO.

Raipur: Two major ponds, cited as a lifeline for the local inhabitants at Kharora village panchayat, about 30 kilometres away from the state capital, have been rejuvenated and purified using ayurvedic methods. The stinking dirty water bodies- Gadhiya and Tala ponds, were cleaned up with an intensive ayurvedic process. These techniques transformed the ponds into sludge-free and sterilised ponds, making their water fit for daily utility.

It was effectively achieved through the ongoing water rejuvenation treatment formula of ponds by the ayurvedic ‘SE SAW’ mechanism. With the initiative of the Raipur district collector Saurabh Kumar and active support from Dalmia Foundation under its CSR wing, the approved ayurvedic methods were applied for purification and restoring new life to water bodies at Kharora. “Barely a few months ago, the villagers avoided accessing the stinking muddy pond.

Now, the improvement in standard quality of water for community usage has instilled confidence as the ayurvedic method apparently also safeguards the health of local residents,” said Manisha Sharma, director of Sankalp Sanskritik Samiti, a civil society organisation. The water bodies in Kharora were at the receiving end of drainage outflow and pollutants above permissible limits largely owing to the use of chemical fertilisers, untreated effluents from industrial units and poor management. This further raised a serious threat to the water body ecosystem.

Within a short span of a couple of months, the ayurvedic treatment methods of ponds proved to be among the most effective techniqUes for purifying, enriching, preserving and making the water use for public benefit. The ayurvedic technology for rejuvenation of water with promising results continues at Kharora and will be replicated in adjoining areas too, a local officer of the village panchayat said.

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