‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar’ Fame Sahdev Dirdo Rolls Out His NFTs

Story Highlights
  • The young singer Sahdev Dirdo has ventured into the NFT space.
  • He will be stepping into the metaverse after collaborating with nOFTEN
  • The non-fungible token can be used to represent ownership of unique items.

Raipur: Someone great once said, “anything can happen in life at any point in time”. Turns out it is true for most people, especially if that person is ten-year-old Sahdev Dirdo. The ten-year-old viral star is now all set to step into the world of a metaverse in partnership with metaverse marketplace nOFTEN. “Sahdev Dirdo, a 10-year-old singer and internet sensation, who shot to fame with ‘Bachpan ka Pyaar’ is all set to step into the metaverse with nOFTEN, India’s celebrity metaverse marketplace.

So, what will those signing up for the Bachpan ka Pyaar singer’s NFTs get? According to nOFTEN’s whitepaper, these NFTs will “consist of everything from an original song, unreleased behind the scenes, short movies and celebrity memorabilia.” Users will also have open access to listings offered by the creators.

They can also bid for any asset, directly own it by either buying the piece or sell-off their previously bought NFT. Besides this, users can purchase single copies of a unique offering. Creators and celebrities who roll out their NFTs will also get the opportunity to create specially curated live events – live meet, dine-in chance, video call, personalised message video and more. But how do creators earn money via NFTs on the platform? There are two ways creators can earn money via nOFTEN.

The first way is to enlist their artworks as per their preference and get the correct price for their piece via a simple bidding procedure for auctioning their digital piece. Bidding will take place on nOFTEN and creators receive 85 per cent of the entire bidding amount and 15 per cent will be commissioned back to nOFTEN. The second way creators can earn money on this platform is by adding a fixed price point to it which allows the most interested buyer to purchase the one-off piece exclusively.

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