Backward Caste Face the Grisly of Superior Castes

Story Highlights
  • A Dalit groom in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh was given police protection.
  • An inter-caste couple complained of extortion from community members in Damoh.
  • Incidents probed by police officials.

Madhya Pradesh: Ever seen a groom with police protection? A groom in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh arrived at the wedding pandal with 100 police personnel engaged for his safety.

The groom who belongs to a Dalit Community, a constable himself was stopped from riding a horse to his wedding until eventually, police provided protection. The wedding that took place on the 9th  February, witnessed chaos after the groom ready to leave was stopped by people from the upper caste, and the wedding band chased away.

A similar case of discrimination, an inter-caste couple in Damoh alleged their five-year-old child was being socially rejected amongst his peers. The parents alleged that the village panchayat demanded Rs 2 lakh for living there. Moreover, his family was also ostracised by the village panchayat for the last seven years. Identified as Prajapati and Jyoti, they belonged to OBC and ST Caste respectively. Prajapati told the police that the community member always tortured his family for seven years. He claimed that his father was expiated for seven years and he was demanded to arrange a feast for the village which he held by taking a loan.

Both the districts come in the Bundelkhand region which is considered to be one of the poorest provinces of the state. Police officials have asserted to look into the case and take action against those extorting money.

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