Baghel Cabinet Calls Emergency Meeting Amidst Monsoon Session

Story Highlights
  • Baghel administration calls for emergency cabinet meeting
  • Bill amendments to be discussed.
  • The CG Vidhan Sabha on third day witnessed opposition walk out on argument over release of funds post paddy procurement.

Raipur: The Baghel cabinet has called for an emergency meeting amidst the ongoing Legislative Assembly monsoon session. It is being speculated that the meeting has been called for amendments of two bills that were due to be tabled in the monsoon session.

The Monsoon session on the third day began with a discussion on the accidents at the Bhilai Steel plant that took place in 2018. Responding to the questions levelled by the opposition, Labor Minister Shivkumar Dahria, said that a total of 15 workers died in the Bhilai Steel Plant Explosion. He also added that four families of those deceased were given financial compensation.

The issue of paddy procurement was also witnessed at the Vidhan Sabha today. Members of the assembly engaged in a heated conversation following which the opposition staged a walkout. Opposition leader Dharma Lal Kaushik claimed that there was a lapse in the payment to the farmers after paddy procurement. In response, food minister Amarjeet Bhagat gave details on the funds issued under the Rajiv Gandhi Nyay Yojana and the MSP procurement scheme.

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