Baghel Chairs a Cabinet Meeting; Dates for Local Polls Revealed

Story Highlights
  • Baghel released the dates for upcoming elections in the state.
  • State party President elections to be held between August 21st - September 20th.
  • CG govt singed MOUs for food irradiator facility, dung-based power plants.

Raipur: The Bhupesh Cabinet at a meeting today revealed details on urban body elections to be held in the state.
As per the statement given by Bhupesh Baghel, PCC General body elections would be held from July 10th to August 20th. Polls for the state party President would be held from August 21st to September 20th. Elections for Congress Working Committee of AICC would be held in the month of September-October, the statement informed.

Interacting with the press, CM Baghel slamming opposition on food processing matter said that they have no knowledge about the industry. He further informed about his trip to Delhi where he would convene with senior leaders of the party.

Earlier during the day, signed two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) for the installation of a food irradiator plant, which will keep food and vegetables safe and well-preserved, as well as dung-based power plants.

“For the operation of the food irradiator plant and technology transfer, the state’s Seed Corporation has inked an MoU with the Department of Atomic Energy’s Board of Radiation and Isotope Technology,” an official was quoted as saying while signing the MoU. The second MoU was signed between Chhattisgarh Biofuel Development Authority (CBDA) and Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC) for setting up of dung-based power plants in ‘gauthans’

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