Baghel Government To Present The Budget On March 9th

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  • CM bhupesh baghel will present the budget on March 9th.
  • Assembly Speaker Charan Das Mahant informed about the budget session today.
  • He has also studied the effect of the lace paper system done by IIT Kharagpur.

Raipur: The budget session of the Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly is starting on March 7th. It will begin with the speech of Governor Anusuiya Uikey. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel will present the annual budget for the year 2022-23 on March 9th. Assembly Speaker Dr. Charandas Mahant gave this information on Saturday. He said, now every year 58 trees will be saved in the proceedings of the House. At the same time, the emission of about 10 tons of carbon dioxide in the environment will also be reduced.

Dr Charandas Mahant also went through the online question-answer system started from this session in the Vidhan Sabha. He said he has got a study done by the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering of IIT Kharagpur on the effect of the lace paper system. His preliminary report has arrived. According to this, in the last eight years, the MLAs have put 36 thousand 650 questions. That is, on average, 4 thousand 550 questions have been asked every year. Each step from asking a question to an answer is likely to use about 100 pages. In such a situation, 4 lakh 55 thousand pages are spent annually. If this expenditure is stopped, then about 2.2 tonnes of paper will be saved. Due to this, 9.68 tonnes of wood or 58 trees will be saved every year.

One lakh litres of water will be saved in the papermaking process. At the same time, so much electricity will be saved which is enough to run 73 domestic refrigerators for one year. There will be a reduction in the emission of 9 tons of carbon dioxide. Other environmental impacts are also detailed in this study. Assembly Speaker Dr Charandas Mahant said this time the MLAs have asked one thousand 682 questions. Of these, 854 have been placed in the starred category. 828 questions have been put in the unscarred category. At the same time, four information demanding discussion on a matter of urgent public importance has also reached the Assembly Secretariat. The MLAs have also sent notices of 7 non-official resolutions.

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