Baghel Highlights States Strategies at Interstate Council

Story Highlights
  • Baghel addressed the 23rd Interstate Council virtually.
  • Illustrated developments the state witnessed though its strategies.
  • Spoke about Kisan Credit Card and Crop Insurance Scheme.

Raipur: Addressing the gathering virtually at the 23rd Interstate Council at Bhopal, CM Bhupesh Baghel requested the centre to give CG Govt adequate rights for development.

Underscoring the terms laid in regards to the states and union territories in the constitution, Baghel put forth the reasons for his demands. 44 percent forest cover, state population majorly made up of SC/ST, Naxal dominance and agricultural backing are some of the reasons Baghel cited.

Speaking of initiatives to strengthen the rural economy, he highlighted the ‘Suraji Gaon Yojana’ and the Narva Gauravi Ghurva Badi- which aim to help boost the states’ rural backgrounds. Vermi Composting through Nutrient Based Subsidy- Baghel asserted that the state govt had urged the centre to approve its proposal of Vermicomposting to be included in the Nutrient Based subsidy plan.

Apart from this, Baghel spoke on the agriculture strategies the state implemented like Kisan Credit Card and Crop Insurance Scheme.

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