Bajrang Dal Activists Beat Muslim for Entering a Garba Event

Story Highlights
  • BJD activists beat man for entering Garba Venue in Ahmedabad.
  • Three Muslim men were seen attending Garba event in Sindhu Bhavan area.
  • The BJD activists alleged the men intended to lure Hindu girls.

Ahmedabad: A Muslim man in Ahmedabad, Gujarat was mercilessly beaten after he was found at the Garba event in the Sindhu Bhavan area. The video of the incident has been making rounds on social media since then.

As per reports, three men were seen entering the venue at the event out of which two managed to escape after they were noticed by the Bajrang Dal activists. According to Vishwa Hindu Parishad spokesperson Hitendra Singh, the organisation had received information about the Muslim men participating in the event. He claimed that Muslim men do not participate in the event with religious favour but instead attend with malafied intentions to lure Hindu girls.

He added that Bajrang Dal Activists would keep holding surprise checks at events as the festive season continues.

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