Bangladesh To Ban Sale Of Antibiotics Without Prescription

The government of Bangladesh announced a law to ban the sale of antibiotic medicines by drug stores without a prescription. Bangladesh Health Minister Zahid Maleque said that the medical shops that give antibiotic medicine to customers without proper prescriptions will lose their licenses for running the shop.

An inter-ministerial meeting asked the authorities concerned to step up the measures against misuse and over-the counter sale of antibiotics. “Such medicines are sold nowhere in the world without prescriptions. Pharmacies in our country are selling anitbiotics over the counter, contributing to misuse”, said the health minister.

Terming the drug item as a silent killer, he further added that the Directorate General of Drug Administration and the other authorities concerned were asked to enhance surveillance to check the drug’s rampant use. He pointed out that the presence of antibiotics in meat and fish is a matter of grave concern. He emphasized on the need to create public awareness against excessive and unnecessary use of antibiotics.

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