Basic Facilities In Urban Chhattisgarh to Upheave

Story Highlights
  • Rs 112 crore sanctioned to increase the facilities in Chhattisgarh.
  • Electricity, roads, community buildings etc constructions are in progress under the scheme.
  • Bhilai-Charoda, Risali, Birgaon and other urban bodies to witness progress in all prospects.

Raipur: Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has announced a new programme to improve infrastructure in Chhattisgarh’s urban towns. On the orders of Chief Minister BhupeshBaghel, the Urban Administration and Development Department has coordinated the building of Bhilai-Charoda, Risali, Birgaon, and other urban bodies to suit the needs of the general population. For this, a total of Rs 112 crore has been approved. Along with this, work will be done to make the city clean and beautiful by providing other essential utilities such as power, water, roads, community buildings, and gardens.

Apart from that, to create a clean, beautiful, and smart city, new street lights are being dispersed across the city to eradicate fear in public locations. Not only are the roadways widened to meet the needs of the general public, but parking and other amenities are also given importance. Development of fundamental facilities for citizens, such as attractive gardens with well-organized markets, multistory organized parking, water drainage, drainage construction, waste management, a safe drinking water system, and development of facilities for children, the elderly, and women are also being considered.

The payout for these municipal corporations scaled Rs10.10 crores for Municipal Corporation Birgaon and Municipal Corporation Bhilai, while 39 crores were handed over to Municipal Corporation Risaliand Municipal Corporation Bhilai-Charoda. A total of Rs 25 crore has been approved at the rate of Rs 5 crore per body for development works in Nagar Palika Parishad Jamul, Khairagarh, Sarangarh, Baikunthpur and ShivpurCharcha areas. Similarly, Nagar Panchayats Maro, Kota, Bhairamgarh, Bhopalpatnam, Narharpur and Premnagar have been sanctioned Rs 18 crore at the rate of Rs 3 crore per body.

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