Benjamin Netanyahu Set to Swear in as the PM of Israel for the 6th Time

Story Highlights
  • Benjamin Netanyahu set to take oath today.
  • He is the longest serving PM who takes charge for the sixth time.
  • Netanyahu was ousted last year following coalition amongst his party and opposition members.

JERUSALEM: Benjamin Netanyahu is set to return to office today at the helm of the most religious and ultranationalist government in Israel’s history, vowing to implement policies that could cause domestic and regional turmoil and alienate the country’s closest allies.

Netanyahu, 73 the longest-serving PM of Israel returns to power with the formation of his govt for the sixth time on Thursday. Preparations are underway for the oathtaking ceremony of the govt composed of a number of far-right allies.

Out of 120 members of the Knesset, Netanyahu has the support of 64 members including all right-wing supporters.

Netanyahu was ousted from office last year after four deadlocked elections by a coalition of eight parties solely united in their opposition to his rule while on trial for corruption. That coalition broke apart in June, and Netanyahu and his ultranationalist and ultra-Orthodox allies secured a parliamentary majority in November’s election.

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