Benjamin Netanyahu Wins Another Shot at Leading Israel as Lapid Concedes

TEL AVIV:  Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s rule collapsed on Thursday as the tally on Thursday hinted at the victory of rival Benjamin Netanyahu who comfortably secured a major victory in parliament. With 99 percent of the ballots counted, Netanyahu-led right-wing bloc has taken a lead with 64 seats in the 120-member Knesset, paving way for his triumphant return. A breakdown featured the right-wing Likud party bagging 32 seats and Netanhayu’s right-wing religious and nationalist bloc in total won 64 in the 120-seat parliament, or Knesset.

Netanyahu thanked his supporters in a statement Thursday night. “Together, we brought about a huge victory for the State of Israel,” he said.

Earlier, a statement from Lapid’s office said he conceded defeat to the former Prime Minister Netanyahu in this week’s election and congratulated him. With this new development, the PMO prepares for an organized transition of power. ‘I wish Netanyahu success, for the sake of the people of Israel and the state of Israel, Yair Lapid said.

Yair Lapid served as the interim PM for the past four years as the left wing collapsed. He however failed to unite a group of centrist, left-wing, and Arab parties, two of which didn’t win enough votes to pass the electoral threshold required to sit in Parliament.

Israelis voted on Tuesday for an unprecedented fifth time in four years to break the political impasse that has paralyzed the Jewish nation.

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