Bhopal: Another Gas Mishap Triggered In An Abandoned Factory

Story Highlights
  • Bhopal under the fear of witnessing another gas leakage
  • Defective ammonia gas tank to be confiscated
  • Higher authorities take immediate action

Bhopal: The fear of another gas tragedy evoked in the residents of Bhopal after ammonia gas leaked from a closed factory four years ago.

Yesterday night, a factory in Acharpura near Parsakhera was shut down after the surrounding areas witnessed suffocation.

A gas splith was reported from the closed factory that came to the fore, and created panic amongst the residents of adjoining areas. The incident was immediately addressed to the administration.

In response to which all higher authorities visited the site for further details. Safety personnel were deployed for evacuation of the people. Fire Department officials immediately took charge and repaired the leaking valve. The officers, apprehensive of the major tragedy, breathed a sigh of relief when they found out that the leaking gas was not poisonous. After which the people were told about it and were advised eye rinsing procedures to get rid of the irritation.

According to the administration, 20 people from Parsakhera village were affected and reported discomfort. The authorities have issued a notice to the owner Javed Khan to scrutinize the apparatus in the factory; after which the defective ammonia gas tank will be evacuated under the supervision of executives from BHEL.

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