Bhupesh Govt Failed to Fulfil its Manifesto: Dr Raman Singh, Former CM

Story Highlights
  • Former CM Dr Raman held a press conference on Saturday to lynch the Bhupesh Government
  • Issued vitriolic attacks on Bhupesh Baghel
  • Campaign Mahabiyan to continue until June 17

Raipur: BJP National Vice President and Former Chhattisgarh CM Dr Raman Singh held a press conference on Saturday, inducing a scathing attack on the Bhupesh Baghel government. 

After two half years of defeating BJP and gaining power in the state, the Congress government was subjected to a series of questions in regards to farmers, women, and youth of the state. Addressing a media briefing, Dr Raman Singh titled Bhupesh Government “the most unsuccessful and unpopular government in history .” He claimed that the government was harassing the youth, laborers, farmers, and common man of the state. 

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The BJP  launched a state-wide campaign marking two and half years of the Congress government in power. The BJP  has announced to continue the campaign ‘Mahabiyan’ until 17 June, where Dr Raman would touch down every division of the state. 

Dr Raman spoke about the agriculture schemes in the state and targeted the Bhupesh government with the recent suicide incident in owe of a drunk husband. He additionally cited the number of rapes, thefts and murders attempted in the state during the congress reign.

Taking into account the statistics issued by the respective departments he said that nearly 1828 murder cases, 4939 rapes, and 12862 thefts were registered in the past two and a half years. According to Dr Raman, the state administration failed to provide assistance to families of the 300 farmers who committed suicide.

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