Biden and Putin to Convene Over Ukraine Crisis

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  • Prez Biden and Vladimir to convene on a summit.
  • France made the announcement.
  • French leader Macron conversed with both the leaders through a call on Sunday.

Kyiv: US Prez Biden and his Russian counterpart have agreed to a summit provided Moscow doesn’t invade Ukraine, France announced Monday following the frantic discussions to avert the war. After a conversation of both the leaders with Emmanuel Macron, the French President, France made the announcement, confirming Biden’s willingness to have a discourse. So far, no time is determined nor the format, an official stated. The senior official added, that the summit would be expanded to ‘relevant stakeholders’ for which the preparations would begin on Thursday.
On Sunday, in a telephonic conversation with his French counterpart, President Vladimir Putin emphasized the need for US and NATO to take Russia’s demands to ensure its security guarantees as seriously as possible and to respond specifically and to the point. According to a statement by the Kremlin, the two leaders had an in-depth discussion of the developments around Ukraine as well as developments regarding long-term legal security guarantees for the Russian Federation. Putin noted that “provocations from Ukrainian militants were the reason for the escalation,” adding “Attention was drawn to the modern weapons and ammunition being sent to Ukraine by NATO member countries, which is encouraging Kyiv to pursue a military solution to the Donbas problem.”

Likewise, a conversation with Biden was also sought, where a discussion on diplomacy and ongoing deterrence efforts in response to Russia’s military build-up on Ukraine’s border was of concern.

Tensions scores as Washington and several capitals of the NATO claim Russia deployed magnanimous scale of troops on Ukraine’s borders and is ready to launch a full-scale assault. However, Moscow denied intentions to invades but had demanded NATO alliance permanently rule out Ukraine’s bid to join the organization and also called for a withdrawal of all forces deployed in Eastern Europe since the end of the Cold War.

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