Biden and Putin to Hold Telephonic Call

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  • US President and Putin a scheduled to have a telephonic conversation on Saturday morning.
  • The request to connect on call was put forth in written, Kermlin spox highlighted.
  • US fears Putin side could launch an attack at Ukraine any moment.

Washington: President Biden and Vladimir Putin will have a telephonic conversation on Saturday, a White House official said. “They will be speaking Saturday morning. Russia proposed a call Monday. We counter-proposed Saturday, and they accepted,” the official told. The call was asked for through a written appeal, Kremlin official spox added. The conversation scheduled for 11 am ET on Saturday, will Prez Biden’s first since the end of December.

The conversation of the two world leaders comes as the US warns Russia could attack Ukraine as it began deploying its forces on the borders of the ex-Soviet Union. Biden also held a phone conference with NATO and European Union leaders on Friday to express his concern that a Russian invasion could be imminent. “He hasn’t decided whether to act, the White House said Friday. But that has not stopped American officials from dramatically increasing their warnings an attack is now a “distinct possibility” and could occur swiftly, it asserted.

Meanwhile, Kremlin President has also engaged in a series of conversations with leaders from the West which however failed to defuse the situation. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Friday accused Western countries and the media is spreading a “large-scale disinformation campaign,” which promotes the thesis about an allegedly impending Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In the latest announcement, US National Security Advisor on Friday. Added to Presidents warning and asked all American citizens to leave Ukraine within 24-48 hours as the White House suspected unprecedented situations.

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