Biden Teared into Trump for Inciting Capitol Attack

Story Highlights
  • Biden addressed the gathering at Capitol building marking one year anniversary of the historic presidential election attack.
  • Monikered and blamed Trump for his personal interests over the country’s best.
  • Residents commemorated the event lighting the Capitol building on Thursday night.

US, Capitol Building: President Joe Biden addressed the gathering at the Capitol building on the anniversary of the historic attack during the presidential elections in 2021. The anniversary was observed by the democrats’ paying tributes to those who lost their lives.

A panel discussion with the historians, first-hand testimonies from lawmakers and prayer were a few of the events that were held during the day. Pres Biden rebuked former President Donald Trump monikered and blamed him for the violence that erupted after he refused to peacefully relinquish his post. He slammed Republicans standing by “Trump” a big lie when there were GOP races, on the same ballot, on the same day, cast by the same voters” they have not contested.

Electric candles lit up the steps of the Capitol in the night after officials left the complex following a full day ceremony marking one year since the deadly insurrection.

Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election to Biden by 74 Electoral College votes and over 7 million local votes. Raged over the loss, several lawsuits were filed by allies of Trump which challenged the election over alleged fraud despite no evidence to claim the challenge existed.

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