Bihar CM Nitish Kumar to Meet PM Over Caste-Based Census Discussion

Story Highlights
  • Both to meet on Aug 23
  • Nitish Kumar’s Janata dal party is an ally of BJP
  • Caste census became a sensitive issue after it was passed unanimously in 2019-2020

Bihar: Nitish Kumar, the CM of Bihar has sought to meet PM Modi on Aug 23 to discuss the caste census bill that was passed unanimously in the 2020 state legislative assembly. Kumar said, “I had sought an appointment with the PM to meet him along with a delegation from Bihar to conduct the caste-based census. Many thanks to the respected Prime Minister for giving time to meet on August 23”, in an official statement.

The caste census bill has been a sensitive issue since it was passed unanimously in the Bihar legislative assembly and legislative council in the year 2019 and again as a resolution in 2020 in the legislative assembly. As in the coming year almost 7 states are going to assembly elections, discussing the caste census bill remains a sensitive and important issue for the government.

In another official statement Nitish revealed how the case census bill is the demand of other states too. “The demand of the caste census is not just the demand from Bihar but other states also. Our party MPs had written a letter seeking time to meet the Prime Minister. The opposition parties in Bihar also wanted to meet the Prime Minister with us. We had written a letter to the Prime Minister regarding this”, he said. The United Janata Dal of Nitish Kumar is an ally of BJP which supports the caste system and thus he sought an appointment with the PM.

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