Bihar CM to Meet PM Modi Today to Discuss Caste-Based Census

Story Highlights
  • CPI(M) MLA says caste based census "need of the hour"
  • 10 parties to meet PM to discuss the census
  • The census will benefit all countryman says CM Nitish kumar

New Delhi: After failing a few times to acquire an appointment from the PM, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar finally managed to fix an appointment with Narendra Modi to discuss the caste-based census issue. The meeting is set to happen today. While the VM and his troop of 10 other political parties arrived at Delhi for the meet, other party members seem to be quite interested in discussing the matter with the PM. 

A CPI(M) MLA, Ajay Kumar from Bihar said, “We told the chief minister that we should meet the Prime Minister because the caste-based census is the need of the hour. Caste-based exploitation takes place even today. A caste-based census will be like a mirror to help rectify this. So, we will meet Prime Minister Modi today, under the leadership of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Caste-based census is a question related to society. Through this, it will be known who does what work. Why is the central government trying to run away from the caste-based Census. Such resolutions have been passed twice in the assembly of Bihar. The caste census will clearly show who is being exploited and who is exploiting”.

On the other hand CM Nitish Kumar assured that this census will not only benefit the people of Bihar but it will benefit the entire country. “Caste-based Census would be not just for Bihar, people in the whole country will benefit from this,” he said. Several delegates of 10 political parties are all set to meet the PM today that includes Janata Dal United, Rashtriya janata dal, HAM, AIMIM amongst others.

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