Bihar: Government and Opposition at Loggerheads; Opposition MLAs Trashed

Story Highlights
  • The opposition objected to the 'black legislation'
  • RJD Leader alleges manhandling
  • Bihar police bill passed amid unprecedented chaos in assembly

New Delhi: Tejaswi Yadav, Bihar’s Leader of the opposition, hit out at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and his governments after dramatic scenes were seen in the state assembly on Tuesday during the opposition’s protest against a bill that gives more power to the police force. Opposition termed the bill as “black” legislation, condemning the government’s move to give more teeth to forces. According to them, the bill has slammed Section 7 of the legislation, which empowers the special force to arrest a person and search premises, without even a warrant, just on the basis of suspicion. 

Tweeting a picture of his party member, Satish Das, RJD leader wrote,” “My revolutionary fellow MLA, Satish Das, who belongs to a poor family, became a victim of hooliganism of Nitish Kumar. He suffered a head injury. The picture is proof.”

While the Bihar Special Armed Police Bill, 2021, was presented on Tuesday, the opposition parties protested demanding its repeal. Sharing video footage of the assembly, Mr. Yadav tweeted,” Draconian Act which will give absolute powers to police, so that it can act as a veritable arm of Nitish’s dictatorial politics, has been passed in police protection by throwing out battered MLAs using police itself.” In an attempt, the opposition staged a ‘walkout’ squatting outside the premises and raised slogans. 

Nevertheless, the bill was passed late in the evening, past the business hours of the Assembly. Mr Yadav and other party associates are detained for their protests.

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